A Cultural History of Disability

A Cultural History of Disability in the Long Eighteenth Century, edited by Chris Gabbard and Susannah B. Mintz, will be released in October, 2019. It is volume four of a major Bloomsbury book project, A Cultural History of Disability, under the General Editorship of David Bolt and Robert McRuer. To read about it, go here. This multi-volume project will focus on renderings of disability from Antiquity to the 21st century. The set will consist of six illustrated volumes, each devoted to a cultural exploration of disability in one of six historical periods (i.e., Antiquity, The Medieval Age, The Renaissance, The Long Eighteenth Century, The Age of Empire, and The Modern Age). Each of the six volumes is edited by one or two accomplished scholars, and the set will be interdisciplinary, engaging scholars from disability studies, history, literature, cultural studies, and related disciplines.

The six volumes will be published in October 2019 together in hardback as a set and then released as individual volumes 12-16 months later. Electronic versions will be available from the outset.

The readership will include students and scholars in disability studies, history, literature, cultural studies, art, drama, and related disciplines.

Table of Contents

Introduction: D. Christopher Gabbard, University of North Florida, and Susannah B. Mintz, Skidmore College

Ch 1: Atypical Bodies: Anomalous Bodies in the Eighteenth Century: Sara van den Berg, Saint Louis University

Ch. 2: Mobility Impairment: David Turner, Swansea University

Ch. 3: Chronic Pain: Chronic Pain and Illness in the Long Eighteenth Century: Isabella Lucy Cooper, University of Maryland

Ch. 4: Blindness: Conversations with the Blind, or “Aren’t You Surprised I Can Speak?” Kate E. Tunstall, University of Oxford

Ch 5: Deafness: Deafness in the Age of Enlightenment, Kristin Lindgren, Haverford College

Ch. 6: Speech: Speech and Disability in the Long Eighteenth Century: Dwight Codr, University of Connecticut, and Jared Richman, Colorado College

Ch. 7: Learning Difficulties: Intellectual disability in the long eighteenth century: C. F. Goodey, University of Leicester, and Simon Jarrett, Birkbeck-University of London

Ch. 8: Mental Health Issues: Listening for Ghosts: Madpeople in the Eighteenth Century: Allison Hobgood, Willamette University

Cover image: Paul Sandby and John Collets’ The Asylum for the Deaf, late eighteenth century: http://collections.vam.ac.uk/item/O125010/the-asylum-for-the-deaf-watercolour-collet-john/

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